Welcome to Rainforest Studio

"Our Sweet Home, Our Learning Fairyland"
  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    With the fast pace of economic development and social progress in Singapore, the appearance of dual-income families has now become a common phenomenon. Against this backdrop, we have noticed that parents are increasingly more concerned with their children’s schooling and academic performance. Every parent desires to have a warm, loving and stimulating environment in which their children can grow and develop, and at the same time, scale the academic ladder of success. Parents will therefore not mind investing in their children’s education.



  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality student care.

    With these ideals in mind, RAINFOREST STUDIO started operations in 2008, with premises located at Zhenghua Community Club (4th level). The concept of RAINFOREST STUDIO embodies our belief that, just like the rich diversity of flora and fauna in a tropical rainforest, our student centre will give school-going children the same enriching experiences to blossom and grow under the capable supervision of our teachers.

    于是,在 2008 年,我们秉持着为社区服务的理念,在正华民众俱乐部四楼开办了第一间学生托管中心,我们在环境设置上,以“我们的中心,我们的美好家园”为主题,尽量让中心色彩缤纷,凉爽舒适,让孩子们一回到中心,就犹如来到了热带雨林一般身心愉悦。


  • Dedicated classrooms with top skilled educators.

    Our core teaching staff have been chosen with great care. They are well-qualified, committed and competent to give moral and academic support to the students, to ensure that all homework and assignments are completed on a daily basis. Students with specific weaknesses in any subject are not left behind – remedial classes and tutorials will be conducted during weekends. During term breaks and long vacations, RAINFOREST STUDIO will also conduct enrichment courses for our students. These courses range from oral-speaking skills to drama, current affairs, art, Chinese calligraphy to cookery. We also organise outdoor excursions to local places of interest, such as the Singapore Zoo, Gardens By the Bay, parks and museums. Such trips help to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and real life. The friendships formed during schooldays are greatly cemented when students mingle with one another during such trips.

    在教育上,则以:“我们的中心,我们的学习乐园”为指导原则,精心挑选老师,定期开会讨论对孩子们寓教于乐的教学方法,让老师们除了在生活上给予孩子们无微不至的照顾,在学习上也能够循循善诱,推动他们取得优异的成绩。除此以外,我们也针对孩子们的弱项,开设了课后补习班,以供有需要的孩子得以专项辅导。在假期里,我们也会免费开展精彩丰富的口语训练项目,如:“一分钟演讲”“戏剧表演”“新闻实事分享”等。我们也会利用假期,让孩子们接触一些简单的艺术创作,如:“做手工” “服装设计”“书法” “剪纸”等。除此以外,我们还会在假期,带孩子们去一些著名景点,进行实地考察学习,让孩子们在短暂的外出活动中得以松懈身心,增强和朋友之间的深厚友谊。

  • We are very thankful to parents for these years of support and encouragement; this in turn spur us to do greater things for students so that together we can climb higher, and meet the parents’ expectations of a reputable and reliable student centre.